CollegeMatrix is a partnership utilizing the power of the Internet to bring together your college career center, students, and employers in a simple to use format maintaining three important standards.


First, the system is very low maintenance; your College or University can set up the system to match your needs instead of having to conform to any of the arbitrary lists in the software you are using. Many items run automatically to keep the system updated and to inform your students and employers, while your staff maintains control over each individual student, employers, and staff member who uses your resources.

Second, it’s easy to use for everyone, easy to navigate, low on graphics so that it runs quickly, and it remembers who you are so you don’t need to log in several times and re-enter the same information.

Third, Value; CollegeMatrix works, saves you time and provides measurable results. You have the needed tools to communicate back and forth with employers, and students, and document each task and referral, plus you have the ability to generate useful reports and retrieve detailed information to make your job easier, and document the effectiveness of your office.